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SolarEdge, StorEdge and Tesla PowerWall 

Battery DC coupled storage systems stores unused energy for maximising self consumption, which would otherwise return to the grid. This allows you to use the power captured by your solar panels during daylight hours, at the night. 
Solartech Installations Ltd are certified installers for both SolarEdge and Tesla. We are able to start installing the Powerwall from the 29th February 2016. 
StorEdge Benefits: 
More Energy 
DC coupled solution equals high system efficiency 
Solar Power stored straight into the battery 
No need for additional DC or AC conversions 
Power optimisers for better system performance 
Easy design and installation 
One inverter for PV and battery storage 
IP rated for external use and flexibility 
No special cables needed as DC cables can be used 
Low voltages and current during installation and maintenance 
Enhanced Safety 
When AC voltage is shut down the Solar Panel Array and battery voltage is designed to reduce to a safe level 
Compliant with VDE 2100-712 
Complete Monitoring 
Use the SolarEdge monitoring portal to view battery status, PV power production and self consumption data 
Reduce energy consumption by using the monitoring system  
Easy Maintenance 
Installer/system owner able to remotely monitor the system software using the on line portal  
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